About Us

Cant get enough of us? Here you can find out who we are, why we do what we do and what matters to us at Raven Chocolate


    Raven Chocolate are a new brand of luxury chocolate, bringing new and unique flavours to the Vegan chocolate world and letting chocolate be more than just an unhealthy snack. We want to bring you more than just another vegan alternative to chocolate. 
    We believe in using only minimal ingredients to make our chocolate and so we only use cacao, sugar, cocoa butter as our 3 main ingredients adding 1-2 more depending on the flavour. The cacao is then left to grind away for 3-4 days and then we take it out and put it away for 30+ days. By doing this, our chocolate has all the flavour it needs. If you are interested in the exact process of how we make our chocolate then check out our blog for more information.
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