A Chocolate Makers Life

Being a chocolate maker has so many advantages. We get to watch as our amazing cacao can be turned into smooth silky chocolate just by using simple ingredients.

But being a chocolate maker can have it's disadvantages too, we don't only buy our cacao but also the sugar, milk and cacao butter that goes into making our fantastic products. We grind these for days to produce our cocoa mass which then gets wrapped up and sent away to age for 30+ days. Once this beautiful block of chocolate is ready we chop it up and throw it into our tempering machine which then melts it down and pours freshly out it's spout ready to be used. Once moulded we hand wrap out products and send them out into the world for every chocolate lover to choose, taste and appreciate.

But like I said, it comes with it's disadvantages. We are Chocolate Makers not Chocolatiers. Chocolatiers are in their own way artists which take a couverture chocolate (a pre made chocolate from another company i.e. Barry Callebaut) and put it straight into their tempering machine which then they mould into their own chocolate shapes adding different flavours and inclusions. As you can see there are differences in both these professions and this also means that when it comes to cost there is a difference too.


Back to the part where I wrote that we buy all of our ingredients, we also buy machinery to make our chocolate and so all of this to make good quality chocolate costs more than a standard Chocolatiers work, which we are not saying is easy, but has lower costs as they are buying the chocolate already made.


So please, the next time you meet a chocolate maker please don't complain about the cost of their products. They are not Chocolatiers, they are working hard to produce better quality chocolate that helps bring a better income to the family farms they buy from and they are trying to make a difference in the chocolate world. They are not just trying to pull the wool over our eyes by charging us more.


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